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Astragalus Root Liquid Extract 1 oznohtin

Astragalus Root Liquid Extract 1 oznohtin - Botanic Choice

Benefits of Astragalus Liquid Extract&:; Supports liver health and the immune system, Aids digestion, No pills to swallow.?From traditional Chinese medicine, Astragalus is a type of bean and is also known as huang qi. For centuries it has been popular...

SKU: 1145 ID: EX02 ASTR 0001 UPC: 703308200676

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Astragalus Root, 100 Caps

Astragalus Root, 100 Caps - Natures Way

Astragalus membranaceous is a root used in traditional Chinese Medicine for regulating the immune system.  Known as a superior tonic, it is one of the most important herbal Chinese medicines. It is also a popular addition to foods boiled into soups, rice...

SKU: NW0011

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Restful Sleep

Restful Sleep - HealthyDirections.com

This natural sleep aid helps to relax and calm the mind, naturally, so you can wake up feeling rested and restored, but not drowsy.Developed by Dr. Xu, NEW Restful Sleep’s key ingredient is Astragalus—an ancient traditional Chinese herb used and documented...


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Dr. Fuhrman´s Glucose Biotect

Dr. Fuhrman´s Glucose Biotect - Joel Fuhrman M.D.

The Nutritarian eating style as described in The End of Diabetes helps to normalize blood glucose levels by focusing on antioxidant-rich high fiber whole plant foods. Glucose Biotect provides extr > ssistance for those who require extr > ssistance...


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MSM - InVite Health

Methylsulfonylmethane or MSM is an ingredient naturally occurring in the body, plants and other animals. As a dietary supplement it offers nutritional support for joint health and comfort. In folk medicine, it is used for a variety of reasons including...

SKU: HIC0096

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Bilberry Extract

Bilberry Extract - InVite Health

This Northern European antioxidant berry (also known as Vaccinium myrtillus) is related to the blueberry and provides nutritional support for eye health, eye circulation, night vision, visual stamina and ocular sharpness. InVite Health´s Bilberry...

SKU: HIC0039

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Green Tea Hx®

Green Tea Hx® - InVite Health

Green tea from the Camellia sinensis plant, has been traditionally used in Chinese and Japanese medicine as a superior health and longevity tonic due to its high concentration of polyphenols and catechins. Black tea, the oxidized form of the same plant,...


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Phase 2® Starch & Carb Neutralizer

Phase 2® Starch & Carb Neutralizer - InVite Health

Phase 2® is a registered patent of an extract from Phaseolus vulgarus, a clinically-proven fiber-based weight loss product, sourced from non-GMO white kidney beans. Phase 2® White Kidney Bean Extract may assist in weight control when used in conjunction...


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Pycnogenol 50 MG, 60 VCaps

Pycnogenol 50 MG, 60 VCaps - Pure

Pycnogenol is a natural plant extract derived from the bark of the maritime pine tree known as Pinus pinaster.  It contains ingredients known as proanthocyanidins and bioflavonoids that may be potent antioxidants.  It may offer several benefits, especially...


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+CAL+, 210 VCAPS

+CAL+, 210 VCAPS - Pure

Pure Encapsulations offers this bone support formula with minerals, vitamins and herbs.  This comprehensive formula, which includes calcium, magnesium, boron, vitamin D, vitamin K, horsetail extract and ipriflavone, is designed to help strengthen the...


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