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Grape Seed Extract

Grape Seed Extract - Dr. Colbert

Grape seed Extract, provided by Divine Health, supplies 100 mg of standardized grape seed extract in a vegetarian capsule. FUNCTIONS Polyphenols, part of a broad class of bioflavonoids, are commonly found in grape seeds. One type of polyphenols...

Product ID: Grape Seed Extract SaS ID # 541087563

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Fat-Burning Formula

Fat-Burning Formula - Dr. Colbert

The Fat-Burning Formula contains Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract, Green Tea Extract and Irvingia Seed Extract. This rich supplement is specifically formulated to boost your metabolism and help burn fat like never before.Studies show the Fat-Burning Formula...

Product ID: MBS360-FBF SaS ID # 516744552

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Bladder Control Advantage (30-day supply)

Bladder Control Advantage (30-day supply) - DrDavidWilliams.com

Do you frequently have to go, or lose urine when you laugh, cough, or sneeze? One of the most frustrating health issues that can surface as we age is a loss of urinary control. If you're having trouble, you're certainly not alone. One in six adults...

SKU: MBL ID # MBL UPC # 678829240695

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Advanced Joint Care Program

Advanced Joint Care Program - DrWhitaker.com

Now, my Advanced Joint Care Program includes two top-notch formulas for relieving everyday pain and stiffness as you build healthy cartilage and joints. And they'll work even better with a complete multinutrient like the Forward Plus Daily Regimen....


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BP Essentials (30-day supply)

BP Essentials (30-day supply) - HealthyDirections.com

You already know how important healthy blood pressure is—but what many doctors aren’t telling their patients is how go beyond regular monitoring to keep it that way. As I have found, healthy blood pressure comes down to three things…...


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Advanced BP Support (30-day supply)

Advanced BP Support (30-day supply) - DrSinatra.com

A powerful breakthrough for blood pressure control Award-winning MegaNatural-BP Grape Seed Extract—an antioxidant powerhouse clinically shown to support healthy systolic and diastolic blood pressure PharmaGABA—a concentrated, bioactive form...


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Hair & Nails Revitalizer (30-day supply)

Hair & Nails Revitalizer (30-day supply) - DrLark.com

These Beautifying Nutrients Restore Lustrous Hair and Strong Nails Dr. Lark has developed a unique combination of nutrients that make hair actually become healthier and fuller and your nails long and strong. Daily Balance Hair & Nails Revitalizer...

SKU: LHN ID # LHN UPC # 678829251028

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Green Supremefood by Dr. Don Colbert (Sweet & Delicious)

Green Supremefood by Dr. Don Colbert (Sweet & Delicious) - Dr. Colbert

Organic Fermented Green Supremefood (30 Day Supply) by Divine Health SupplementsSpecially formulated by Dr. Don Colbert

Product ID: CO17 SaS ID # 516744602

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Dr. Fuhrman´s Sinus Biotect (formerly Perilla Sinus)

Dr. Fuhrman´s Sinus Biotect (formerly Perilla Sinus) - Joel Fuhrman M.D.

Sinus Biotect contains phytochemicals (rosmarinic acid luteolin and other flavonoids) to target the arm of immune function that can create an excessive response to seasonal allergens. This supplement is derived from an extract of the Perilla frutescens...


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Natural Progesterone Cream

Natural Progesterone Cream - Dr. Colbert

Divine Health Natural Progesterone Cream is a highly absorbable natural progesterone cream. Progesterone is often inadequately produced by women of all ages who are under significant stress leading to a dominance...

Product ID: progensa20 SaS ID # 516744570

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