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Advanced Joint Care Program

Advanced Joint Care Program - DrWhitaker.com

Now, my Advanced Joint Care Program includes two top-notch formulas for relieving everyday pain and stiffness as you build healthy cartilage and joints. And they'll work even better with a complete multinutrient like the Forward Plus Daily Regimen....


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Restful Night Essentials (30 day supply)

Restful Night Essentials (30 day supply) - DrWhitaker.com

Stop struggling and start sleeping! The first of its kind, my Restful Night Essentials combines the five best natural sleeping aids into one powerful formula. It goes far beyond an ordinary melatonin supplement and also gives you L-theanine, valerian...

SKU: RNE ID # RNE UPC # 678829211220

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Metabolic Essentials (30-day supply)

Metabolic Essentials (30-day supply) - DrWhitaker.com

Metabolic Syndrome—also known as “Syndrome X”—is a set of risk factors including: A waist circumference more than 40” in men and more than 35” in women Serum triglycerides of 150 mg/dL or above HDL cholesterol of 40...

SKU: MTB02C11000 ID # MTB

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Fat-Burning Formula

Fat-Burning Formula - Dr. Colbert

The Fat-Burning Formula contains Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract, Green Tea Extract and Irvingia Seed Extract. This rich supplement is specifically formulated to boost your metabolism and help burn fat like never before.Studies show the Fat-Burning Formula...

Product ID: MBS360-FBF SaS ID # 516744552

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Serenia - HealthyDirections.com

Developed by Dr. Yan Ping Xu, Serenia provides a modern take on a traditional remedy, providing a safe, natural solution for dealing with the everyday stress associated with an overscheduled lifestyle.Serenia features the traditional Chinese herb, Gui...


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CogniPrime Advantage (30-day supply)

CogniPrime Advantage (30-day supply) - DrDavidWilliams.com

Boost your short-term memory, clarity and focus Over the years I’ve encountered people with concerns about their mind and memory. Now you can quickly improve your sharp, quick mental edge. I’ve discovered a combination of nutrients that work...

SKU: MME ID # MME UPC # 678829240909

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Primal Lean

Primal Lean - Dr. Sears Primal Force

Newly Discovered West African Herb Helps Reduce Belly Fat in Just 10 WeeksImagine watching yourself in the mirror... every week you get slimmer and slimmer. Your belly starts to shrink and get firmer. You put on your favorite pair of jeans and...

Dr. Sears - Primal Lean

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Living Milk Thistle

Living Milk Thistle - Dr. Colbert

Optimum support for liver function The patented Phytosome ™ technology, which combines one part silybin (the most beneficial component of milk thistle extract) with two parts phosphatidylcholine; dramatically improves absorption. Research indicates...

Product ID: 18436DH SaS ID # 516744555

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Activz Silver Immune Support System

Activz Silver Immune Support System - Dr. Colbert

Activz Silver - 12 PPM silver solution that supports healthy immunitySupport your day-to-day health with the natural benefits of Activz Silver. This liquid daily supplement:Supports healthy...

Product ID: ASsiss321 SaS ID # 516744580

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Restful Sleep

Restful Sleep - HealthyDirections.com

This natural sleep aid helps to relax and calm the mind, naturally, so you can wake up feeling rested and restored, but not drowsy.Developed by Dr. Xu, NEW Restful Sleep’s key ingredient is Astragalus—an ancient traditional Chinese herb used and documented...


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