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Chelated Magnesium

Chelated Magnesium - Dr. Colbert

Our Magnesium is in a chelated form which allows for higher dosing with a greater tolerance.DESCRIPTION: Chelated Magneisum, provided by Divine Health, supplies 235 mg of elemental magnesium.FUNCTIONS: Magnesium plays an essential role in a wide range...

Product ID: CMag3245 SaS ID # 516744590

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Broad Spectrum Magnesium (30-day supply)

Broad Spectrum Magnesium (30-day supply) - DrSInatra.com

Broad Spectrum Magnesium: The Unsung Hero While magnesium is essential for supporting hundreds of biological functions within your body, the most important role it plays is protecting your heart and entire cardiovascular system. Magnesium is one of your...

SKU: MGC ID # MGC UPC # 678829200842

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Restful Sleep

Restful Sleep - Dr. Colbert

Divine Health’s Restful SleepIngredients Designed to Relax the Body and Set the Stage for Restful SleepRestful Sleep – 60 Sublingual Tablets Restful Sleep is an all natural sleep promoter that will...

Product ID: DHlivingSleepFormula SaS ID # 541087562

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Cortisol Manager (Same formula as Stress Manager)

Cortisol Manager (Same formula as Stress Manager) - Dr. Colbert

Cortisol Manager combines stress-reducing ingredients and cortisol-lowering botanicals to help reduce stress and relieve occasional sleeplessness. This safe, natural and non-habit forming formula increases the ability to fall asleep, stay asleep, and...

Product ID: 70453DH SaS ID # 516744579

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Extra Strength Bone Health

Extra Strength Bone Health - Dr. Colbert

Extra Strength Bone HealthAn advanced bone support formula to help maintain bone strength, function and...

Product ID: CalMagD3K2 SaS ID # 516744597

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Vitamin D3 - 1000iu

Vitamin D3 - 1000iu - Dr. Colbert

Vitamin D3 is essential to bone health as it promotes intestinal re-absorption of calcium and reduces urinary calcium loss. New research suggests that Vitamin D has many benefits for the body other than just bone health as it supports colon health, prostate...

Product ID: VNVD2 SaS ID # 516744565

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Living B 12

Living B 12 - Dr. Colbert

Several investigations have shown vitamin B12 levels decline with age. Insufficient vitamin B12 may result in impaired nerve function, which can result in numbness, pins-and-needles sensations, or a burning feeling in the feet, as...

Product ID: 75623DH SaS ID # 516744569

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Green Supremefood by Dr. Don Colbert (Sweet & Delicious)

Green Supremefood by Dr. Don Colbert (Sweet & Delicious) - Dr. Colbert

Organic Fermented Green Supremefood (30 Day Supply) by Divine Health SupplementsSpecially formulated by Dr. Don Colbert

Product ID: CO17 SaS ID # 516744602

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Elite Nutritional System for Men

Elite Nutritional System for Men - Dr. Colbert

Elite Nutritional System for Men Nutrition Formulated for a ManThe Elite Nutritional System for men is a complete package for daily nutritional needs. Each canister contains 60 packets. Each packet contain Two Multiple Vitamin /Mineral tablets,...

Product ID: 65517-60 SaS ID # 516744586

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Advanced BP Support (30-day supply)

Advanced BP Support (30-day supply) - DrSinatra.com

A powerful breakthrough for blood pressure control Award-winning MegaNatural-BP Grape Seed Extract—an antioxidant powerhouse clinically shown to support healthy systolic and diastolic blood pressure PharmaGABA—a concentrated, bioactive form...


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