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Calcium Citrate 150MG, 90 Caps

Calcium Citrate 150MG, 90 Caps - Thorne

Calcium citrate provides 150mg per capsule of pure calcium citrate.  Calcium citrate has been shown to be more absorbable than calcium carbonate, especially in people with weak stomach acid.  The recommended serving size is 1 capsule three times per day,...


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Calcium Citrate 150MG, 180 Caps

Calcium Citrate 150MG, 180 Caps - Allergy Research

Calcium is an important macro-mineral required for healthy bones, teeth, muscles and heart function.   This product provides a hypoallergenic citrate-bound dietary supplement free of other minerals and additives.  Calcium is best absorbed when taken repeatedly...


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Magensium Citrate 140MG,90 Caps

Magensium Citrate 140MG,90 Caps - Thorne

Magnesium is an essential mineral that is frequently deficient in the standard American diet.   It is involved in many functions in the body including energy production, heart, kidney and lung function, carbohydrate metabolism and nerve conduction.  It...


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Potassium Citrate 99MG, 90 Caps

Potassium Citrate 99MG, 90 Caps - Thorne

Potassium is required in the cell, where it is stored.  Intracellular potassium levels are required at higher levels than outside the cell for optimal nerve conduction, blood pressure support, heart and skeletal muscle function.  Potassium is also an...


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+CAL+, 210 VCAPS

+CAL+, 210 VCAPS - Pure

Pure Encapsulations offers this bone support formula with minerals, vitamins and herbs.  This comprehensive formula, which includes calcium, magnesium, boron, vitamin D, vitamin K, horsetail extract and ipriflavone, is designed to help strengthen the...


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Calcium Citramate 160MG,90 Caps

Calcium Citramate 160MG,90 Caps - Thorne

This product provides 160 mg of the essential mineral calcium bound to a combination of citric and malic acid.  This chelated form of calcium has been shown to improve solubility and absorption when compared to calcium carbonate or calcium citrate.       ...


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Trace Minerals, 90 Caps

Trace Minerals, 90 Caps - Thorne

Thorne provides seven trace minerals bound to citrate chelates for proper absorption.   This dietary supplement helps replace minerals that may be deficient in the diet.  Deficiencies in trace minerals may negatively affect the heart, bones, brain, immune...


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Astragalus Root, 100 Caps

Astragalus Root, 100 Caps - Natures Way

Astragalus membranaceous is a root used in traditional Chinese Medicine for regulating the immune system.  Known as a superior tonic, it is one of the most important herbal Chinese medicines. It is also a popular addition to foods boiled into soups, rice...

SKU: NW0011

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OsteoPrime Forte, 120 Caps

OsteoPrime Forte, 120 Caps - Tyler

OsteoPrime Forte (capsules) is a bone repair product designed for women who are at risk of bone thinning conditions such as osteoporosis.  It containing vitamins and mineral chelates (citrate, fumarate, malate, succinate, and alpha ketoglutarate) required...

SKU: PHY17722

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Quercetin 250MG, 120 Caps

Quercetin 250MG, 120 Caps - Pure

Quercetin is considered a flavonoid which belongs to a class of water-soluble plant pigments that are found in many foods such as apples, berries, tea, onions, grapes and red wine. It has been found to have numerous benefits. Quercetin may help allergy...


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