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Cholesterol Support Program

Cholesterol Support Program - InVite Health

Research shows that particular food ingredients assist healthy cholesterol levels. Managing blood levels of LDL cholesterol is a primary strategy for reducing the risk of heart disease. Policosanol and Red Yeast Rice offer advances in nutritional science...


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Cholesterol Shield™, 90 Tabs

Cholesterol Shield™, 90 Tabs - Tyler

Cholesterol Shield™ (formerly Pantethine Plus) is a proprietary combination to address unhealthy cholesterol levels in the body.  Pantethine is the bioavailable form of vitamin B5, which helps the body manufacture healthy types of cholesterol.  Phytosterols...

SKU: PHY15519

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Prostate Discomfort Program

Prostate Discomfort Program - InVite Health

#ulProgramContains li margin-bottom:0 The Prostate Discomfort Program Contains: Prostate Hx® Quercetin w/ Calcium Ascorbate InflamMune Hx® Other than enlargement, the prostate can also be attacked by microbes. The herbs and nutrients in our program...


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GERD Program

GERD Program - InVite Health

It is normal to belch after a meal to release trapped gas but some people belch inappropriately and frequently for various reasons. This program offers good nutrition for the digestive tract to support healing and health.* Aloe Vera Liquid soothing healing...


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Blood Sugar Health Program

Blood Sugar Health Program - InVite Health

Gluco Hx® There are over 200 herbs, as part of the diet may have an influence on blood sugar. The best of these are combined in Gluco Hx® along with minerals and other natural factors that the body can use to help with cardiovascular support for...


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Cholesterol Health Program

Cholesterol Health Program - InVite Health

Sterols Plus Hx Powder Supplements containing at least 650 mg per serving of Plant Sterol Esters, taken twice a day with meals for a daily total intake of at least 1.3 grams, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk...


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C-Reactive Protein Program

C-Reactive Protein Program - InVite Health

C-reactive protein (CRP) is released from the liver and from fat cells on the abdomen. When it is modestly elevated it is a sign that there is persistent inflammation in the circulatory system. Elevated CRP is associated with hardening of the arteries,...


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Women´s Health Program

Women´s Health Program - InVite Health

#ulProgramContains li margin-bottom:0 The Women´s Health Program Contains: L-Theanine Organic Flax Seed Powder BlueGranate Tx® Nature supplies powerful foods for women that may help support their more sensitive organs and tissues. The polyphenols...


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Radiation Support Program

Radiation Support Program - InVite Health

Nutritional support for individuals who seek it during an X-ray exam.* Detox Hx™ Food nutrients supporting the liver and body´s detoxification mechanisms.* Greens Hx™ A tasty scoop offers the antioxidant benefits of several servings of vegetables...


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Sterols - InVite Health

Plant Sterols are a natural component of healthy foods, but since it is difficult to obtain an appropriate amount of these plant-based nutrients to improve blood fat levels, sterol supplements are necessary. The National Cholesterol Education Program...


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