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Boswellia Standardized,60 Tabs

Boswellia Standardized,60 Tabs - Natures Way

Boswellia serrata, also called Indian frankincenseprovides a tree resin, which has been clinically proven to relieve joint discomfort and improve mobility related to osteoarthritis and injury.  Nature’s Way provides 65% standardized extract of boswellic...

SKU: NW1026

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Traumeel, 100 Tabs

Traumeel, 100 Tabs - Heel

This patent homeopathic formula combines 14 homeopathic remedies at potencies which range from 2X to 8X.  Featuring Belladonna 4X, Arnica montana 3X and Aconitum napellus 3X, it can be used for temporary relief from pain due to muscular pain, joint pain,...


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Advanced Joint Care Program

Advanced Joint Care Program - DrWhitaker.com

Now, my Advanced Joint Care Program includes two top-notch formulas for relieving everyday pain and stiffness as you build healthy cartilage and joints. And they'll work even better with a complete multinutrient like the Forward Plus Daily Regimen....


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Joint & Muscle Comfort Plus (30-day supply)

Joint & Muscle Comfort Plus (30-day supply) - DrWhitaker.com

Alleviate occasional joint pain and improve mobility with a newly developed form of curcumin called Meriva Put an end to achy joints and muscles with this new and improved supplement that contains Meriva—a highly effective pain reducer that I use...

SKU: HWW ID # HWW UPC # 678829211565

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Pregnenolone 100 60 Tabs

Pregnenolone 100 60 Tabs - Allergy Research

Pregnenolone from Allergy Research Group is extracted from the plant wild yam.  It has been specially formulated and micronized in a sustained release compound.  A particle size smaller than 50 microns and contained within a fat matrix allows the product...


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Garlicin 350MG, 90 E.C. Tabs

Garlicin 350MG, 90 E.C. Tabs - Natures Way

Garlicin® is a garlic supplement, which has been formulated by Nature’s Way to provide a coated tablet 100% protected by stomach acid.  SmartRelease® technology allows this tablet to be subsequently metabolized quickly in the intestines. ...

SKU: NW0114

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Fast-Acting Joint Formula, 30 capsulesnohtin

Fast-Acting Joint Formula, 30 capsulesnohtin - lifeextension.com/

Joint stiffness and discomfort can stand in the way of even simple everyday tasks. Fast-Acting Joint Formula provides three innovative ingredients that can offer joint support in days, instead of the weeks or months it can take with supplements like ...

SKU: 965 UPC: 737870965039

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Cholesterol Shield™, 90 Tabs

Cholesterol Shield™, 90 Tabs - Tyler

Cholesterol Shield™ (formerly Pantethine Plus) is a proprietary combination to address unhealthy cholesterol levels in the body.  Pantethine is the bioavailable form of vitamin B5, which helps the body manufacture healthy types of cholesterol.  Phytosterols...

SKU: PHY15519

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Indoplex W/Dim 60 Tabs

Indoplex W/Dim 60 Tabs - Tyler

This product is formulated to support cellular detoxification of estrogen.  It is recommended for both men and women. One tablet contains 120mg of the proprietary compound.  It is equivalent to two pounds of raw broccoli in the levels of active constituents....

SKU: PHY10011

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SINUS, 100 Tabs

SINUS, 100 Tabs - Heel

Nine remedies combine to help temporarily address symptoms of nasal congestion, sinus pressure and headache due to sinusitis and rhinitis.  The active ingredients range in potency from 4X to 10X HPUS. Recommended serving size for adults and children above...


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