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Basic Nutrients IV, 180 Caps

Basic Nutrients IV, 180 Caps - Thorne

This specially formulated vitamin and mineral supplement provides the nutrition of the Basic Nutrients series with the addition of two essential minerals iron and copper.  Though they may not be suitable for all individuals, they are essential components...


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Cranberry Caps

Cranberry Caps - InVite Health

Cranberries(Vaccinium macrocarpon) are a bright red berry and naturally very sour. They contain a variety of antioxidants such anthocyanidins and Vitamin C that support general health, including eyes, liver, immune and blood vessels. New research proves...

SKU: HIC0094

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Basic Nutrients III, 180 Caps

Basic Nutrients III, 180 Caps - Thorne

Certain vitamin and mineral requirements increase during pregnancy and lactation.  Thorne has formulated a complete dietary supplement to address the nutrient requirement changes during this period.  Bioactive folate and picolinated iron highlight this...


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Charcoal 280MG, 100 Caps

Charcoal 280MG, 100 Caps - Natures Way

Activated Charcoal, sourced from Indian hardwood, has the tendency to bind harmful materials in the intestines and safely eliminate them.  This product is designed to reduce gas, bloating and symptoms of food poisoning. Suggesting serving size is 2 capsules...

SKU: NW0053

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Vitex Chaste Tree, 100 Caps

Vitex Chaste Tree, 100 Caps - Natures Way

Vitex Agnus-castus known otherwise as, chaste berry is a traditional herbal remedy taken by women to regulate their monthly cycle and to aid with symptoms related to PMS. Providing 400 mg per capsule. Suggested serving size is 1 capsule 2-3 times daily...

SKU: NW0227

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Progreens, 180 Caps

Progreens, 180 Caps - Allergy Research

ProGreens® is a combination of superfoods that address daily micronutrient nutrition.  This product incorporates certified organic green grasses and natural products, unique to food-based formulas, including sea vegetables and algae.  Allergy Research...


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Biotin 5000MCG, 60 Caps

Biotin 5000MCG, 60 Caps - Allergy Research

Biotin, also known as vitamin H or B7, is a cofactor in the liver’s detoxification process called carboxylation.  This essential nutrient is required in the clotting process after injury as well as in the general metabolism of fats, sugars and proteins. ...


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Hawthorne Berries, 100 Caps

Hawthorne Berries, 100 Caps - Natures Way

The red berries from Crataegus (sp. officionalis and monogyna) are considered a heart tonic in traditional European herbalism.  Some of the cardiovascular benefits of Hawthorn berry have been validated in the herbal monograph.  Suggested serving size...

SKU: NW0141

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Brainwave Plus, 120 Caps

Brainwave Plus, 120 Caps - Allergy Research

Allergy Research Group has formulated a multi-nutrient product for brain function. Brainwave Plus® supports a variety of important factors for brain health including blood circulation, antioxidant nutrition, neurotransmitter synthesis and activity.*...


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Ultrachrome 500, 60 Caps

Ultrachrome 500, 60 Caps - Thorne

UltraChrome® is an absorbable form of chromium arginate identified as 4 oxopyridine, 2, 6-dicarboxylate, arginate.  Chromium arginate has been clinically proven more bioavailable when compared to chromium picolinate, whereby improving insulin action...


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